Industrial Gates

We can supply, deliver and install all types of sliding, manual or automatic Industrial heavy-duty Sliding gates. Primetech specialty making for industrial slidig gate for any types of design finish for slg blasting , animal paints , Making all types of gate like stainless steel gate , M S gate, Galvanized gate, hot deep galvanized gate.

Automation System:- Primetech use Special Automation Unit for Industrial Gates its robust and heavy duty use.

  • The special twin – disk anti – crushing clutch, in oil –bath. Use frequency.
  • 100% The event of power failure, the key – operated release device makes it possible to open and close the gate manually.
  • High resistance pressure cast aluminum body ensure a very long life.
  • Obstacle detection causes the gate movement to stop if any obstacle is detected. Protection class IP 44.
  • Motor Protection :- Thermal switch Advance Control Unit to All types Command Possible like step by step, open and close, Automatic Closing, Auto Stop, Timing, and Power Control.